Akron Fire Company
Proudly serving the Akron, NY area since 1876
Akron Fire Company
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Akron, NY 14001
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The Akron Fire Company is a 100% volunteer organization. We are contracted with the Village of Akron and the Town of Newstead for fire protection and emergency services. The money we receive from these municipalities, approximately $175,000, is used directly for our operating budget. Unfortunately, after insurance, fleet maintenance and expenses, fire hall maintenance, expenses and other budgetary needs, (i.e. training, course work, emergency medical supplies, etc.), the contracted money leaves the company with a budget shortfall of $80,000. In an effort to bridge this gap, we depend on our fundraising events and support from the community.

The following are examples of some our fundraising effortsFor more information, contact us here or contact our hall at (716) 542-9091.

 Annual Household Appliance Raffle
Daily Raffle
Fund Drive