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Akron Fire Company
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Fund Drive

The Akron Fire Company has its annual fund drive during the month of July. We will be mailing fund raising letters to the residents in the Akron Fire Protection area only. We do not solicit funds from the entire town of Newstead or surrounding towns. In the past the funds from this drive have gone towards vehicle and equipment replacement. A new fire truck costs the Akron Fire Company approximately $375,000 to $550,000 depending on the type of truck, (Engine vs. Ladder), and a new ambulance is in the $100,000 neighborhood. As always we try to be fiscally responsible with our funds and often have looked at used equipment as opposed to buying new. An example of this is our most recent vehicle purchase: a 1992 Simon Duplex Pumper/Rescue Truck by Quality. Purchased in 1997, the "new" Engine 3 replaced two aging vehicles a 1967 American La France Engine and a 1973 Rescue Truck. Though not designed specifically for our needs we have been able to retrofit and adapt Engine 3 to fit many, but not all, of our needs.

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